Activities that Can be Therapeutic

Working toward recovery can be stressful at times, which can increase your risk of a relapse. Maintaining your emotional well-being is an important part of managing stress and continuing to move toward a sober life. The following therapeutic activities can help you reduce stress in your everyday life so that you can focus on the recovery process. 

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Create an Art Journal

Journaling offers a good way to lower stress by allowing you to get troublesome thoughts and worries out of your head. While writing in a journal is the traditional way to do this activity, there are more creative options available. Consider making your own art journal instead. An art journal allows you to express thoughts and feelings in a visual manner rather than through writing. For example, you can draw pictures or even paint in your art journal to express how you’re feeling.

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Make a Relaxing Collage

A collage gives you a good project to focus on while coping with stress. Creating a calming one provides you with something visual to look at when you’re feeling overwhelmed or worried. You don’t have to be a skilled artist to make a collage. Rather than drawing images for your collage, look for ones online that you can print out or ones in magazines that you can cut out. Choose print or online images that are relaxing or soothing. When you have your images ready, you can arrange them any way you want to form a collage to hang on the wall.

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Build a Gratitude Tree

Expressing gratitude is a highly effective way to manage or relieve stress during the recovery process. You can build a gratitude tree by using bare branches and leaves made of clay or fabric. Write down one thing you’re grateful for on each leaf, then attach the leaves to the branches. You can set up your gratitude tree on a table or in another area where you’ll see it often. Keep in mind that you can add leaves to the tree or build another tree if needed. Thinking about everything you’re grateful for helps you focus on positive aspects of your life, which can go a long way toward easing stress.

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