Relax, Rest and Celebrate Labor Day

Relax, Rest and Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day provides you with a chance to celebrate the end of the summer season. If you’re looking for ways to relax and enjoy this holiday, consider doing one or more of the following.

Spend Time in Natural Surroundings

Spending time in nature can reduce stress and help you feel refreshed. Have a picnic at a local park, explore local nature trails or sit in your backyard while taking in your natural surroundings. Taking time to appreciate nature is among the most relaxing ways to spend this holiday. If it’s hot out, plan to go swimming at a community pool or local lake if possible, so you’ll be more comfortable outdoors.

Take a Technology Break

Phones, tablets and other technological devices can be distracting and even contribute to higher stress levels. This Labor Day, consider taking a break from these devices and read, paint or do another calming activity that you really enjoy. Putting these devices away for a day can help you unwind and focus your attention on activities that soothe your soul.

Invite Family or Friends Over

If you prefer spending time with others for this holiday, consider having a few family members over or a friend or two. You don’t have to plan a big gathering, which can be stressful. Instead, plan a simple lunch or a light dinner. You can also make plans to go out for ice cream or dessert together for a late summer treat. Just make sure that you’re spending time with friends or family members who have your best interests in mind and support your commitment to staying sober and free from addiction.

Visit a Local Attraction

Labor Day offers you an opportunity to explore your local community. Look into visiting a museum, zoo or other local attraction that you’ve never been to or one that you haven’t been to in a while. You can also look into local events that might interest you, such as community theater or art shows.

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