Tips for Finding a Job After Rehab

Searching for employment is a stressful situation for anyone and may be even more stressful for those who are returning to work after being in rehab. However, finding and maintaining a job is an important part of sobriety. Working will not only help you with your living expenses, but it will help to occupy your time and help you to reintegrate into society. In addition to helping you get sober, the goal of treatment and recovery is to help you return to your family, community and employment as a healthy and productive individual. Although rehab is a step towards a fresh start, some find it difficult to integrate back into your old live, especially when it comes to finding a job, so here are a few tips to help the process less stressful.

Think Positive

The first step in searching for as well as getting a job is to stay positive. It’s important to do your best, take it one day at a time and remind yourself that you can do this and that you will be a valuable employee. It’s important to remind yourself of how far you’ve come so far, and finding a job is only a stepping stone along your path of recovery. Many businesses support recovery and specifically hire newly sober and clean addicts providing them with a chance to get back into the work force in a supportive environment.

Create a Resume

A resume is simply an account of your work experience and qualifications. Resumes should not be overly wordy, instead be brief in describing where you previously worked and what your duties were at each place of employment. If you aren’t familiar with how to write a resume, considering talking with someone in the outpatient center about classes to teach you the skills needed to create a resume. It’s important to be honest; however, it’s not necessary to mention past addictions in the resume, but keep in mind that most employers do a background check, so you’ll want to be up front that you did complete a rehab program and that you now clean, sober and responsible.


Volunteering may not be a paying position, but it’s a great way to slowly reenter employment without the pressure and stress. Volunteering will help you regain your confidence in the job market, while helping others. Volunteering is also the ideal way to enter a field that you may not have experience in, but the type of business is something you would be interested in doing as a career. Many organizations have paying positions that are available to those who have done or are currently doing volunteer work in the organization.

Change Your Expectations

It’s not uncommon for those re-entering society to have to make changes, including in their field of work, so you may have to change your expectations regarding the type of work you did before getting sober. It’s important that you are willing to take a part-time position or an entry level position and work your way up. Be open to new ideas and be patient with yourself during this process.

Keep in mind that finding a job may take time, but with diligence and dedication you will find a job. Continue applying to openings, network through family, friends and online advertisements and most importantly-stay positive.

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