What Should I Bring with Me to Rehab?

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Making the decision to enter a substance abuse treatment is a big step in a person’s life. This is a time to focus on yourself; your needs and what it will take to get things back on track for future success. It can also be an unsettling prospect for many people. Uncertainties about the rehab environment are common, and many people are concerned that they will be uncomfortable in the treatment setting. While it is true that a certain amount of discomfort is unavoidable when confronting your addiction head-on, there are ways to make the rehab process more comfortable, both physically and emotionally. The team at my12stepstore.com would like to offer the following tips on what to take with you to rehab as you work toward sober living.

What Clothing to Pack

When packing for rehab, it is important to place comfort first. Pack favorite pieces that you know will fit and be comfortable, and consider including pieces that can be layered to create comfort in a range of temperatures. Next, think about the facility and amenities that are offered. If there is a gym, bring a couple of workout choices. If there is a swimming pool, pack a swimsuit or two. Be sure to include one or two nicer outfits for special occasions or visits. Leave behind any valuable jewelry or items that would invite theft.

Bring Things to Pass the Time

While rehab can be a very active and busy environment, there will also be downtime throughout your stay. Make sure to pack things to keep you occupied, such as books, games or even a sketchbook or journal. Some people enjoy bringing puzzles or brain games to stay engaged during slower times of the day, or writing materials to send letters to friends and family.

What not to Bring

It is important to get your experience off to a good start, and following the established rules of the rehab facility is important. Review the facility’s guidelines, and avoid packing anything that could be called into question. Prohibited items usually include any toiletry items that contain alcohol, anything that is sharp enough to be used as a weapon, candles, anything that resembles pornography or that could be deemed offensive to others.

Preparing for rehab is an exciting time and one that is filled with possibilities for a better future. Take the time to pack carefully, and to look forward to this first step toward regaining stability and optimal health. The team at my12stepstore.com is always here to help with any supplies needed as you move through your journey. The following links also make great gifts for recovery.




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