5 Tips For Managing Finances During Recovery

Party Girl by Anna David | Anna David Books | Party Girl Book

Party Girl by Anna David is a book about a girl who decides to change her life for the better by becoming sober. Order this book today at My 12 Step Store.


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Sober Is the New Black

When Sober is the New Black came out in 2014, it forced people to rethink their drinking. The COVID-19 lockdowns had this same effect on many people. Now, more than ever, it seems more people want to explore sobriety.  Continue reading

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In-Person Meetings vs. Zoom Meetings


Advantages of In-Person Meetings

Up until the past few years, especially when people had to stay home during 2019-20 COVID-19 lockdowns, recovery organizations promoted mostly in-person meetings versus online ones. It’s because a stronger positive energy exchange takes place in person instead of just hearing each sharer’s voice and seeing what they type.  
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Peer Pressure and Staying Sober While in College

College is a time of self-discovery. For many students, college can be a time to explore alcohol use. Up to 80% of college students report having one drink within two weeks, and of that 80%, half report binge-drinking on occasion. If you’re a student in recovery and trying to remain sober, it’s important to develop strategies to stay strong in the face of peer pressure. Continue reading

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High School Vape Scene

Decades ago, it was considered en vogue and attractive to smoke cigarettes. Movies, booksand magazines were littered with advertisements and promotional material lauding cigarettes and tobacco. Today, we understand just how deadly that message truly was, especially to the younger generations that went on to develop terminal cancer and other lung-related diseases.  Continue reading

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Vaccines and Recovery

Substance abuse and recovery are two of the hardest things to deal with, and for many, it can be a make-or-break issue. When it comes to dealing with a global pandemic on the scale that we are currently dealing with, it can also be difficult for those that are dealing with substance abuse to deal with the possibility of becoming ill and possibly facing hospitalization. Vaccination can help on a much larger scale than many people realize.  Continue reading

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Celebrate National Recovery Month This September

Now that September is upon us, it’s important to celebrate all that’s been accomplished this year in your recovery. The 2021 National Recovery Month theme, “Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.” reminds people in recovery and those who support them that no one is alone in the journey through recovery.  Continue reading

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Living Life on Life’s Terms Are God’s Terms


I’m experiencing a lot of emotions that I suppressed for a long time. It comes in waves of joy and days of depression. I’m able to work through these emotions. I feel a lot more connected to my family because I’m present. I’m not hiding stuff or living this double life. I also feel excited by the possibilities as far as finding a new job and having new friendships. There is so much to grow from. I got sober in 2017. I had three years, but I relapsed when COVID hit. It seems like I picked up where I left off. Things got progressively worst. It was a really low bottom for me. Having that relapsed showed me that I do have a disease of addiction. It is cunning and baffling. I went to rehab, and it changed my life. I feel a connection to a Higher Power that I never felt before. I also have this love for people that I didn’t have before. Now my goal is to work in recover. I’m starting school in August to become a drug and alcohol counselor.”

—Grace Sanchez, April 11, 2021.

Butterfly Medallion | Women in Recovery | My 12 Step Store

Currently this women in recovery medallion can take up to 2 weeks for delivery. On the front of this enamel medallion is a Butterfly Design, with the Serenity Prayer on the back



I have my sober crew that I hang out with. I have my friends Ramon, Charlie and Leo who are sober, and then there’s my very best friend, she’s a normie. We’re good. I’m more honest with my friends. I try to be the best that I can be. I try to be there for them. It’s amazing. I’m more authentic than ever. Before sobriety, I lied. I wasn’t present enough for them. My best friend told me it was hard for her. It was like talking to a dry wall. I wasn’t really there for her and I didn’t care for her. We had a lot of fallouts. I think it’s important to have sober friends. I need someone to understand me. My best friend gets me, but she doesn’t always get me because she doesn’t speak our language. I need people to understand what I’m going through and that I’m trying to stay sober. I need that connection.”

—Ayanna Kapri, sober since January 9, 2018.

Fellowship Enamel Medallion – Home of the very best in recovery books and unique gifts

This welcoming Fellowship Medallion speaks for itself. Fellowship is the meeting after the meeting. Perfect gift for fellowship groups in any program.



The past year has all been about having faith. That’s it. It is what it is. On the one hand, my work world was not affected by Covid. I didn’t get furloughed. I came to work every day, so I lived with purpose. I rarely go out anyway. On the other hand, 2020/21 had its challenges. My mother died in January, I had to move in March, my car engine died, I got Covid, and I had a stroke, so it’s been about having faith and having an overwhelming sense that I’m going to be taken care of. At this point I look forward to going to actual in-person meetings.”

—Robby Mason, sober since August 9, 1999. 

Black Enamel Praying Hands Medallion | My 12 Step Store

Need inspiration through your recovery journey? Browse our collection of medallions including this black enamel praying hands medallion from My 12 Step Store!


“I Can” Coin | Gold Sobriety Coin | My 12 Step Store

WHEN YOU ARE FACING CHALLENGES, REMEMBER… “I Can” The twelve qualities bursting from the center “I Can” are guides for your empowerment. When you feel you are at your lowest point emotionally, begin to FORGIVE, then as you refer to the gold sobriety coin, contemplate or meditate on each quality to bring your life back into balance.


My 12 Step Store

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Let’s Talk About Sex

By: Jason C

While researching other memoirs in the genre of drug addiction, I recently came across a compelling book called “Every Grain of Sand” by David P. Wichman. The book was a fascinating account of one’s childhood trauma and eventual path toward surviving on the streets while in active addiction. While we both had our own unique story to tell when it came to our perils with crystal meth and subsequent recovery, I appreciated that our sobriety message of hope was similar – even if the way we arrived in the rooms was not. Continue reading

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How To Celebrate Women’s Equality Day While in Recovery

Just like any other special occasion, you might be wondering how to celebrate Women’s Equality Day, which commemorates the passing of the 19th Amendment. Just because you are now sober, that doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate one of the most significant equal rights movements in history. Continue reading

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