Clean and Sober Christmas

Our “Sober for the Holidays” Classic Re-Posted

clean & sober Christmas (2)

I’m dreaming of a clean and sober Christmas just like the ones I used to know

Where I don’t DUI and the stars shine so big and bright for you and I

Where the treetops glisten and my family can’t wait to love and listen

I’m dreaming of a program where the 12 steppers listen to a wise sober older that go on a glisten

Where my eyes are a twinkle and I don’t go tweaking to a crinkle and a wrinkle

Where we all can share what is so dear in the Hanukkah flair and holiday cheer

Where every holiday card I write is for 24’ more to shine so bright just like the ones I used to know

I’m dreaming of being sober and not falling over… where the treetops glisten and I don’t go slippin and sniffin

Where children shout with joy to get a new toy and sober bell rides make for warm family nights

I’m dreaming of a clean and sober Christmas with every holiday card I write

may your days be sober… nights be merry… bringing you all a miracle fairy

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