Dating While Newly Sober: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

By becoming sober, you are taking the first step in improving your life and becoming a better person. As you go through recovery, you may find yourself longing for a partner or romantic interest. However, before you leap into a relationship, there are a few things you need to know. Here are a few of the things you should and should not do if you are looking to date while you are newly sober. 

Do Focus on Your Recovery For the First Year

Most experts recommend that you focus on your sobriety for a year before you begin to make major life changes, such as dating. This is to help ensure that your sobriety comes first and that you learn to cope with various situations before you add in other elements that may become stressors or triggers. Obviously, you cannot control when you meet someone, but it is not recommended that you look for love during your first year of sobriety.

Don’t Use a Relationship to Fill a Void

When you are newly sober, you may be looking for something to fill the void that drinking or using drugs has created. You are living a new and different life. Some people feel that they can fill the void that they are experiencing with a relationship. You should always avoid doing this. Instead, look for healthy ways to fill the void, such as exercising or continuing your education. Filling a void with a person can create a dependent relationship, which can become unhealthy.

Do Take Your New Relationships Slow

When you do decide to date, always be sure to take your new relationships slow. You want to make sure you really get to know the person and that they are a good match for you. Honestly talk it over with your support group or person to see that it best for you at the time. Make a list of what dating is to you and what steps you plan to take in dating. The last thing you want is to like someone simply because you are lonely.

Don’t Lie About Your Sobriety

Lastly, as you go about dating, be sure to be open and honest about your sobriety. You want a partner who is supportive and avoids putting you in situations that can be tough on you. Being open and honest about your sobriety helps to ensure you both know the challenges ahead.

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