How Many Recovery Meetings Should I Go to in a Week?

When you’re in recovery, the number of meetings you attend affects your ability to get well. As a result, you need to develop a strategy to fit the right number of meetings into your program. When planning your schedule, consider the following reasons and strategies.

Importance of Recovery Meetings

When you enter a 12-step recovery program, you’re embarking on a journey to a better life. Part of that journey includes group meetings where you discuss your addictions, enablers and other issues with substance abuse. Meetings are an important part of the healing process, because they allow you to seek support from like-minded individuals who have empathy for your situation. Meetings can help you get through the hard times and stay clean while on the road to addiction recovery.

Strategies for Meeting Attendance

You can plan your attendance strategy around your overall emotional and physical stability while in treatment. Some people attend meetings every day for the first 90 days of their 12-step recovery program while others attend every other day or even less often. The magnitude of your addiction will likely determine the frequency of your meeting attendance. If you are suffering from grief or another emotional stressor, then you may want to attend meetings every day until you’re well on the road to addiction recovery. The more you’re struggling, the more meetings you need to attend.

Consequences of Foregoing Meetings

If you decide that meetings are not for you, you’re substantially lessening your chance for successfully completing your recovery program. You need to talk about your addiction and learn about how others are coping with their urges to relapse if you’re going to beat addiction. Without meetings, you’ll feel alone and have a harder time letting go of bad habits, which can keep you from reaching your full potential.

Attending recovery meetings can help you overcome addiction and live a cleaner, happier life. The number of meetings you attend matters, making it important to develop an effective attendance strategy.

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2 Responses to How Many Recovery Meetings Should I Go to in a Week?

  1. Jerry Shank says:

    I have been sober over 36 years (Aug 17,1978 and still attend at least 3 meetings a week I try on a daily basis to do my best and be the best copy of the BB anyone will see

    yours in love and service


  2. MainAdmin says:

    Hi Jerry, thanks for commenting. and WOW congrats on your recovery your an amazing example.

    In the spirit of fellowship,

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