Is My Relationship Love or Addiction?

Love is a powerful emotion that can give you a rush and make you feel euphoric, just like an addictive drug. For some, love becomes an addiction that can damage their lives and make them miserable instead of joyful. If you’re concerned you may be addicted to love, be sure to consider the signs and patterns of behavior below; then, make a change for the better.

Signs of Love Addiction

Some people cannot be alone. They constantly need to be in a relationship and in love. This is one of the telltale signs of love addiction, because it illustrates an addict’s craving for love. Some addicts fall for the wrong types of people, ultimately bringing pain and suffering into their lives. So if you have a fear of being alone and you always find yourself in bad relationships, you may well have a love addiction.

Impact of Addiction

Love addiction can lead to temporary happiness, but often it ends in heartbreak, disappointment and grief. Addicts can be used by partners who don’t actually care for them. Many addicts end up being taken advantage of emotionally and financially, which makes addiction recovery and sober living an essential part of addicts’ survival.

Recovery Programs

In order to deal with love addiction, you need to seek out and partake in an addiction recovery program. This will help you return to sober living and deal with your negative patterns of behavior. Recovery programs will help you find things in your life that will help you cope with your needs for acceptance, attention and emotional support. Once you recover, you can enter into healthier relationships with a real chance for long-term happiness.

Love addiction can be overcome with the help of a recovery program specifically designed to deal with this powerful emotion. Do not let love become a problem and damage your life when assistance is available to help you get past your addiction.

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