Sincere Ways to Offer Condolences to Someone Experiencing Grief

Offering someone condolences after a loss isn’t easy or comfortable, but it is one of the most human things that you can offer — your sincere feelings of empathy. There are plenty of things not to say during this difficult and emotional time, but how can you find exactly the right words that will be well-received without adding to their pain? Here are some ideas of ways to communicate your willingness to be there in their time of need and comfort your friends or relatives as best you can. 

What to Avoid

Regardless of the depth of your relationships with the individual who experienced a loss, it’s rarely acceptable to simply send a text message or note on social media unless you follow up with a heartfelt card at the very least. Avoid comparing a loss that you have experienced or using platitudes such as “It’s for the best” or “They’re in a better place now”. Another thing to avoid is procrastinating on offering condolences for one reason or another.

Sentiments to Share

When in doubt, many people rely on a simple statement of support such as “I’m sorry for your loss”. While this message is often welcomed, you can also share other messages that are kind, calm and supportive. Some ideas include:

  • “I’m here for you”, communicating that the bereaved is not alone in this difficult time.
  • “You have my heart and support”, letting your friend or family member know that you are sharing their grief.
  • Saying “Peace and be well” lets the individual who has experienced a loss see that there is a future where their beloved will find peace. This statement is also a powerful reminder that there will be a future and shows hope and healing even in the midst of their sorrow.

Everyone grieves differently, but when you are able to communicate a message of love and support effectively it will be appreciated. One way that you can let a friend or family member know that you’re thinking about them during this emotional time is to offer them a thoughtful gift, such as a book of daily meditations from These small books provide a lasting memory of your love and support during their time of loss. Visit online today to find support and inspiration.

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