The 3 Types of People to Avoid While in Recovery


If you have successfully completed a rehab program, congratulations! You are well on your way to living a fulfilling, sober life. However, the journey away from addiction and into recovery still isn’t over. To give yourself the best possible chance at success, there are certain types of people that you should do your best to steer clear of. 

Current Addicts

Although it may be difficult at first to cut ties with those who were formerly your friends, this is something that you absolutely must do if they are addicts as well and have not yet made the decision to seek help. While you may be on the path to recovery, being around others who are using will only make it that much more difficult for you to stay the course. A better choice is to surround yourself with new friends who support and embrace your new, healthier lifestyle.

Difficult or Annoying People

As you go through your daily life, it may not always be possible to avoid people that you don’t particularly care for, but try to limit your exposure to them as much as possible. The goal here is to minimize unnecessary stress and strain in your new life that could push you towards relapse. For example, if the cashier at your grocery store is always rude to you, consider shopping elsewhere. If a neighbor always comes by uninvited, be polite but make it clear that you would appreciate if he or she would call first to ensure that it is a good time for you.


We all have these types of people in our lives. These are the ones who say things like, “Just one drink won’t hurt,” when you know the potential setback that could cause for you. Enablers can also be people who allow you to wallow in self-pity when something goes wrong in your life instead of working with you to find a constructive solution. Try to build relationships instead with people who want to help you be at your best.

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