Vacationing in Recovery

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Summer has arrived, and for many, that means it’s time to plan some vacation time. Whether you’re newly sober or have been in recovery for some time, traveling without alcohol and drugs might still be a challenge. As with everything else in recovery, you don’t have to figure this one out on your own. Here are some tips for planning the ultimate safe and sober vacation this summer. Not able to leave on vacation. This is the perfect coffee table book. With nearly 700 pages of fun facts, pictures, and fascinating sobriety! A terrific book to look at the most amazing pictures of places traveled by a sober traveler.

Check Your Recovery

Taking off on an extended vacation fresh out of sober living probably isn’t the best idea. While vacations are supposed to be fun, they can also present stress and some triggers, particularly for someone newly sober. If you’re ready to hit the road, make sure that you have a solid recovery program in place first.

Consider the Safety in Numbers

One of the first things that we learn in recovery is that we never have to be alone again. An entire industry has grown up around recovery that ensures this is the case. You can now find sober cruises, sober travel destinations and recovery groups to join on vacation trips.

Find Support on the Road

Whether you join a recovery group for a summer trip, go away with family, or head off on the road solo, there is still help and support available. Find a 12-step meeting at your destination. The best course of action is to look up meetings before you leave home and have the list with you when you travel. One of Hazelden’s most popular series, Pocket Power pamphlets provide quick inspiring recovery references.

Avoid Triggers

We all have triggers, even those of us who have been in recovery for years. Hopefully, you’ve identified some of your triggers and have developed some skills to deal with them if they pop up. For example, if an outdoor music festival is a trigger, this is something that you might wish to avoid over your summer trip.

Take Some Reminders

What keeps you the most grounded in your recovery? Is it having your medallion in your pocket? Perhaps, it’s your morning meditation and readings. Whatever this is, make sure to take these items and practices along with you on your summer vacation.

Recovery should be fun, and travel is one way to enjoy your newfound freedom. As a person in recovery, just be sure to engage in that extra bit of planning so that you can make the most of your vacation and hold onto everything that recovery has to offer.  If you need some reminders to take along with you on your trip, check out our selection of 12-step medallions, books and jewelry. In a Harper Collins book Russell Brand talks about his search for friendship

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