Ways to Show You Support Someone in Recovery

In order to recover, people need support. But how can you show someone that you support them without being overbearing? It can be difficult to find the right balance, especially as people are transitioning to a new and sober life. Here are some ideas for how to help support someone through their recovery.

Make Yourself Available for Them

Make sure your loved one knows that they can contact you when they need help. Open lines of communication are important, as many relapses can be impulsive or triggered by a temporary situation. By making yourself available, you can help them with your strength when they are feeling at their weakest.

Go to Meetings for Friends and Family Members

AA and NA meetings aren’t just for those who have abused substances. They’re also for friends and family members. AA and NA can give friends and family members information about the recovery process, in addition to the tools they might need to help support others. Al-Anon is for people, just like you, who are worried about someone with a drinking problem. https://www.my12stepstore.com/Al-Anon-How-Al-Anon-Works-Softcover-Al-Anon-Book.html

Help Them Get Healthier

Being healthier, in general, is one of the first steps towards recovery. Encourage healthier eating and healthier habits, rather than just focusing on avoiding the addiction. Better sleep, better eating, and better exercise will all ultimately help.

Focus on the Person and Not Their Disease

Remember: the process of recovery is the process of rediscovering who you are. Help your loved one rediscover their hobbies, passions, and careers, rather than putting the emphasis on their disease. We recommend to talk with a recovery specialist or sponsor to best support in the best ways for your loved one. Everyone has different needs to support their recovery.

Take Some Time for Self-Care

It can be stressful to support someone else through recovery. Rather than giving in to caretaker fatigue, take time for self-care and make sure that you’re processing your own feelings as well. Therapy is helpful for everyone — not just the individual who is going through recovery. https://www.my12stepstore.com/Daily-Meditations-Help-For-Helpers-Alcoholics-Anonymous.html

Every person is different. Ask your loved one how they want to be supported — they may have some ideas for you. For more information (and gifts and supplies), visit My 12 Step Store.

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