5 Drug Free Sober Summer Activities

The glorious weather and times of community gatherings are highly anticipated summer occasions. However, as a person in recovery, these events and get-togethers can be challenging when it comes to staying sober and drug-free.  Now with all the covid19 restrictions things are even more challenging to socialize in recovery. Here at My 12 Step Store, we offer these five tips to stay sober and drug-free this summer.

1. Plan a Vacation With a Friend in Sobriety

Much like bringing your own beverage, it’s a good idea to plan a summer vacation with a buddy of your choosing. Someone to back up your abstinence can make the season far more enjoyable without sacrificing sobriety. A new friend or an old friend from your meeting home group can also be amazing since you find so much in common.

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2. Set Some Personal Goals

Beyond staying alcohol or drug-free, set a few long time coming goals. With a clear mind and a body free of mind-altering substances, it’s the perfect way to kick off you ‘sober summer.’ The sky’s the limit, so let your light shine! it could be losing weight or some body image change. More structure to your week or setting a side personal time for you.

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3. Learn a New Hobby

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Have you always wanted to learn to play an instrument or give a new athletic endeavor a try? Take advantage of the nice weather and get out there and find a new hobby to occupy your time. A busy mind surpasses thoughts of addiction, and you have better things to do with your life than think about the past. Outdoor activities are best right now.

4. Stay Close to Your Support System

Supportive friends and family are pivotal during recovery. They are the backbone that allows us to get out there and live rather than hide away in fear of being confronted with demons from the past. Stay near your support system if you’re on the fringe, as they’ll keep you mindful that you are not alone and keep you on the right track! Avoid triggers, people, places, and things that cause you to have bad memories or thoughts. Check in daily with your sponsor or support group.

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5. BYOB Wherever You Go

You’re likely no stranger to bringing your own beverage to parties, and summertime is not the season for slacking up on your BYOB policy. Not only will you stay hydrated and sober, but having a water, soda, juice or other drink in your hand will reduce the chances that someone not ‘in the know’ of your current situation might innocently offer you an alcoholic beverage.

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