Celebrate New Year’s With a Resolution to Commit to Recovery

Not only does January 1 present the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of a new year, but it is also a chance to celebrate your success in recovery! Additionally, those who struggle with addiction or find themselves caught up in temptation for a potential relapse can embrace the day with a new or renewed commitment to getting sober and staying that way in 2024. Here are some tips for success in the new year! 

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Remember: One Day at a Time

Every day is a new day in the realm of sobriety, and some will pose more significant challenges and temptations than others. However, each day that ends in sobriety success is worth noticing. Stay mindful in the present moment…live each one with the conscious effort of saying no to addiction and saying YES to yourself! Taking it one day at a time is a daily choice and commitment—one that can serve you well in 2024.

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A Day at a Time Daily Reflections for Recovering People

A Day at a Time workings are based on the spiritual foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous. These daily reflections and prayers offer inspiration, comfort, and hope to those of us recovering from addictions.





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Participate in Activities You Enjoy

Sometimes sheer boredom can bring about thoughts of previous addictions and may lead to slipping up. It is possible to refocus upon a hobby or activity you particularly enjoy that you might have lost sight of before recovery. Get engaged in those passions again, or explore new ones to keep your mind thinking about positive things that encourage you to stay sober while avoiding thoughts of succumbing to addiction.

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Visit Local NA or AA Meetings

Even if speaking up and sharing your story isn’t your thing, just listening to others in a supportive, sober environment can reinvigorate your commitment to your recovery process. There are some cities with AA and NA meetings 24/7 and those that are designed for men, women, youths, families of addicts and other demographics to establish a closer bond and sense of trust in group settings.

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Here at My 12 Step Store, we are as committed to your recovery as you and your loved ones are. We are pleased to offer our support with a huge variety of achievement markers, motivational chips, inspirational art and books, journals and how-to guides and other gifts to celebrate the mission of sobriety. 

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