How to Experience Everyday Miracles

Miracles have a reputation for being big, grand things; a cure for a terminal illness, winning the lottery, taking a step when you’ve been told you will never walk again. Miracles occur all the time; we have to learn how to recognize them. All it takes is a shift in perspective and realizing that a miracle can be something unexpected and small. Living a sober life in recovery takes a lot of effort and commitment and can be incredibly challenging, so it’s even more important for people in recovery to see and experience miracles regularly to help reinforce maintaining a sober lifestyle. 

You can start seeing miracles every day by doing a couple of simple things. 

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First: Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Nature is full of miracles; our bodies are full of miracles, and the ability we have to simply breathe is a miracle.  You also need to be prepared for some miracles. Preparation meeting opportunities creates miracles.

Second: Realize That Every Day is a Miracle

Being in a place mentally, physically, and emotionally where you can go a day without letting the addiction win is a miracle that should be recognized and celebrated.

Finally: Be Grateful

Sometimes, when we are struggling with our daily life or our recovery, it can seem hard to think of anything positive in our lives or anything that we should be grateful for. But again, by shifting our perspective and being grateful for even the smallest things, we can begin to see miracles that we never thought to look for before. Try to list three things you are grateful for daily or check out our practicing gratitude post for more ideas on recognizing and tracking gratitude in your life. Gratitude can be something as basic as having food to eat or even just getting out of bed that morning. Maybe a stranger smiled at you when you were feeling down. Having someone show you kindness in a moment of need can be a small miracle for a person who is feeling lost and lonely. It’s just a matter of thinking of it as such.

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Small shifts in perspective can lead to huge shifts in recovery and happiness and prepare you for the miracles! Visit our website for more tips and ideas for healthy, sober living and thriving in your recovery. 

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