How to Readjust to Life Without Drugs or Alcohol


When you’re working on addiction recovery, one of the biggest challenges is learning to live without drugs or alcohol. Making changes to your daily life and setting healthy goals for yourself can help you overcome this challenge. Keep the following tips in mind to help you adjust to sober living.

Create a Reliable Support System

Having a support system in place helps ensure that you have someone dependable to turn to when you’re struggling. Get phone numbers and call people, this support system can include trusted family members and friends, as well as your sponsor and fellow support group members. These people should be willing to offer you comfort and support that can make it easier for you to adapt to a healthier life. Avoid relying on those who you used to do drugs or drink alcohol with, since this can end up triggering a relapse instead of encouraging you to stay sober.

Find New Hobbies

Keeping yourself occupied is a highly effective way to adapt to a new life that doesn’t involve addictive substances. If you have a hobby that you were previously engaged in but lost interest during your addiction, consider picking it back up again. If you need new hobbies, you’ll find a wide range available depending on your personal interests and skills. From photography and gardening to learning a new language or cooking, look for a hobby that catches your interest. You can work on this hobby at your own pace, or consider taking a class or workshop if you want expert guidance and a chance to meet others who share your interest.

Get Involved with Sober Activities

Interacting with other people while pursuing a sober activity can help you connect with others in healthy ways and boost your emotional well-being. Look for activities that don’t involve any drugs or alcohol, such as joining a community sports team or training to run in a marathon. You can also do activities on your own, such as going for hikes in the woods or doing other outdoor recreational activities. Other sober activities to keep in mind include artistic endeavors, such as writing or drawing, and volunteering at a local nonprofit organization in order to help those in need. Volunteer to help with sober conventions and be of service in 12-step meetings. As you meet goals on your way to readjusting to living without drugs or alcohol, reward yourself with a gift. Please visit My 12 Step Store to view our selection of gifts that are perfect for sober living.

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