Spring Forward into your Recovery

Springtime can symbolize leaving the past behind and moving forward. This doesn’t mean that we abandon the resolve to take our recovery one day at a time. However, it does help us focus on the positive instead of dwelling on past failures.

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Forgive Yourself

Sometimes, we stay miserable because we constantly dwell on our past mistakes. This doesn’t mean we don’t learn from our wrongdoings. However, staying trapped in what we “shouldn’t have done” isn’t going to help us achieve what we “should” do now. It’s time for us to forgive ourselves so that we can move forward to the next phase of our lives. Learning to live in the half full glass can be highly beneficial.

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Forgive Others

In some cases, we’re so focused on what other people did to us that it stops us from the healing within that we need to move forward. Not forgiving others can keep us just as chained to our own failures as would forgiving ourselves for what we did wrong. Either way, we’re not going to accomplish much if we’re always stuck in the past. It’s time to forgive others.

When making our amends to others in step eight and nine of the twelve and twelve of alcoholics anonymous, with courage we ask how to make the wrongs of our past right. We will have to learn how to forgive others to be successful in this step.

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Don’t Mention The Past.

Truly moving forward means not mentioning the past ever again. That might take time for both ourselves and the people we may have hurt. To truly recover, don’t remind other people what you’ve done wrong after you have taken “moral inventory” of yourself.

What’s more, stop bringing up things’ others have done that they already apologized to you for. It’s necessary if you want to move forward and complete the full 12 steps of recovery.

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Keep Trying

It may take you a while to decide you’re ready to stay sober. If so, don’t be too hard on yourself. Continue to seek out recovery groups and find a sponsor who won’t judge you but will push you to make the right choices.

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