Steer Clear of These Dangerous Street Drugs

There are plenty of challenges to be had with addiction to a “traditional” drug, but what happens when you or a loved one tangle with something deadly? The danger that is lingering on a daily basis due to drugs is super-sized when you consider these most dangerous of street drugs. Here are tips on how to recognize them and their side effects so you can steer clear.


This extremely strong hallucinogen makes the list of most dangerous drugs due to the duration of the effects. While there are plenty of drugs that can cause hallucinations, the altered mind state with dragonfly comes on quickly and can last for an extended period of time. The drug also goes by Bromo-DragonFLY or B-DFLY and can be purchased online.


Similar in chemical composition to bath salts, flakka will cause an elevated heart rate, strong hallucinations and can cause permanent psychological damage. You may find this particular substance marketed as an alternative to ecstasy, but the effects are quite different indeed. If you survive this drug you are likely to be left with brain damage that will affect your life forever.


Favored by Russians, this low-priced drug is potentially more dangerous than heroin due to the makeup. Krokodil is a homemade drug that contains a chemical mix of iodine, lighter fluid and painkillers — a mix that can easily cause your flesh to rot and gangrene to set up around the injection site. You may also find this drug under the street names Krok or Poor Man’s Heroin.


Scopolamine is a drug derived from the nightshade plant and may be found as either a tea or in a powdered form. The toxicity level of this substance is frighteningly high and causes individuals to lose their memories and self-control. If that isn’t bad enough, scopolamine is also a well-known hallucinogenic drug, too.

It’s not overkill to say that these drugs are the worst of the worst — with horrible side effects that can last for years, or even for the rest of your life. Stay away from these drugs at all costs and consider ways to stay clean instead. You’ll find the help and inspiration that you need during your journey at Our full line of journals, recovery gifts, 12 step chips and more are all created to help you celebrate life every day.

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