The High Times of Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is said to be not physically addictive nor is it known to be physically dangerous. That being said, absolutely anything has the capacity to be psychologically addictive. If someone can become addicted to gambling or the internet, they can absolutely become addicted to marijuana. Here are some of the major signs of marijuana addiction.

Prioritizing Marijuana Over Family and Friends

When marijuana takes priority over things an individual used to enjoy, it’s a sign of addiction. If there are hobbies that you used to love that you no longer enjoy, or friends and family members you haven’t seen in a long time, you may have a problem.

Being Unable to Hold a Job or Attend School

Often, issues arise when an individual is no longer able to function. Not being able to hold a job or attend school is a sign of either marijuana addiction or another psychological issue that may need to be addressed. If marijuana is actively hurting your life and you still cannot stop using it, that’s a classic sign of any type of addiction.

Experiencing Slowed Thought or Memory Loss

Long-term abuse of marijuana can have psychological effects, such as being slow to think, having memory loss, or experiencing aphasia. In addition to these simple psychological effects, marijuana abuse can eventually lead to delusions or hallucinations. This is especially true if an individual is predisposed to these issues.

Smoking Marijuana Constantly

Marijuana addiction may be more obvious if someone needs to smoke marijuana constantly. If someone smokes on a daily level, smokes before and during events, and smokes to do casual household chores like cleaning, they could have an addiction. Often there may be a component of denial: you may feel as though smoking just makes things more fun, or as though it isn’t harming anyone.

Being Unable to Function Without Marijuana

If you are unable to sleep, eat, or regulate your emotions without marijuana, you may have a marijuana addiction. Of course, this doesn’t apply if you have an illness being treated by marijuana, and that illness has symptoms that are alleviated through marijuana use.

The process of recovering from marijuana addiction is the same process as recovering from any other type of addiction. A 12 step program can help. Visit My 12 Step Store for more information and to get started on your recovery journey.

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