Tips on How to Enjoy Labor Day While Living a Sober Lifestyle

Everyone who has struggled with addiction knows how hard it can be to get through a holiday. Christmas and Thanksgiving offer their own unique challenges, but the “lesser” holidays can also be difficult to weather. The good news is that with the right mix of motivation and effort, it is possible to enjoy holiday celebrations while also supporting your sobriety. The following tips are offered on behalf of in the hopes of making the upcoming Labor Day an excellent experience and something to truly look forward to. 

The Meaning of Labor Day

For some Labor Day is a time to drink alcohol and eat barbeque, but it has come to symbolize the last days of summer, but the origins of this national holiday run deep. The holiday is intended as a time to focus on the contributions that laborers have made to our society, and to honor the hard work that they do in a wide range of industries. Early observations of Labor Day date back more than 100 years ago, when a few municipal ordinances were passed. The holiday received national recognition in 1894.

How to Celebrate Responsibly

Embracing sober living does not mean leaving behind parties and celebrations. It is possible to throw a wonderful party that everyone will enjoy, without threatening your sobriety. A great approach is to surround yourself with other clean and sober people. Center the planning on activities that will get people up and interacting with one another. Dancing is always a favorite, but summer-themed games and competitions can also be a fun way to shake things up. Shopping is also fun as many places have Labor Day Sales. We recommend on-line shopping at

Offer Non-Alcoholic Food and Beverages

Celebrate with mostly non-alcohol drinkers so when guests are presented with appealing food and drink options, most won’t even notice that alcohol is not part of the menu. Think about creating a seasonal menu with items that are relevant to the occasion. Labor Day is a great time to throw a traditional burgers and hot dogs picnic, complete with soda, fruit drinks and even frozen non-alcoholic options.

At, we are proud to offer a wide variety of products that serve to support your journey through addiction and toward sobriety. We invite you to check out our newest offerings, and to search for gifts or personal items that celebrate the hard work that goes into achieving and sustaining a sober lifestyle. Enjoy this Labor Day with friends and family, and be sure to take time to make a personal acknowledgment of your own hard work.

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