3 Things to Share with Your Sponsor

Recovery is a journey, but it’s not something you need to do alone. When getting sober, it’s important to have a sponsor who you trust. These individuals typically have many years of experience in sobriety and look to help others reach that as well. Sponsors benefit from sponsoring others because this helps them also stay sober

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A sponsor is someone you’ll go through the twelve steps with and share your experiences and thoughts on sobriety. Your sponsor will share thier experience, strength and hope with you.  For example, there are three things you can start sharing now with your sponsor. These include your fears, ways to hold you accountable, and how you appreciate recognition.  

Twelve Step SponsorshipHow it Works

“Passing it on is a key concept in the Twelve Step community and many of the traditions and knowledge of the Twelve Step recovery program have been passed down by word-of-mouth from one generation of sponsors to the next.


Your Fears

Getting sober brings up a lot of yucky stuff. You need to take a good, long look at your past use and work through the pain and anxiety. Luckily, you have a sponsor to help you. Your sponsor is there to listen to it all — the good, the bad and the ugly. What’s more, is you can talk to your sponsor about your fears. Maybe you fear a relapse. Maybe you fear the bills you’ve accumulated. Whatever fears you have, your sponsor will listen and help you work through your fear to come out stronger on the other side.

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Ways to Hold You Accountable

Another benefit of having a sponsor is accountability. You’ll need to discuss with your sponsor on how to hold you accountable during your sobriety journey. This could be regular check-ins by phone and in person, making sure you call your sponsor if you feel like using, and attending a certain number of meetings every week.

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How You Appreciate Recognition

You’ll be doing a lot of hard work to get sober, and recognition of each step forward may be exactly what you need to stay sober. Talk with your sponsor about how you appreciate recognition and the ways you welcome it. This could simply be words of praise, like “Good job.” The more your sponsor recognizes your hard work and verbalizes recognition of this, the better your chances of staying sober.

Having a sponsor gives you an ear you just can’t find anywhere else. Your sponsor has gone through what you’re going through and has a wealth of experience in sobriety, along with empathy. And remember, whatever you share with your sponsor is confidential, so share from the bottom of your heart.

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