5 Fun Games to Play that Don’t Involve Alcohol

Game night has for the longest time been associated with snacks and booze. But you can have just as much fun at a sober event – maybe even more so – as one where alcohol is consumed. Here are just a few ideas of fun games you can play that don’t involve drinking alcohol at all.

Board Games

Everyone has their favorites for a reason – they’re loads of fun. Board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Risk, or Sorry are old-time favorites. But they require a clear head and clever maneuvering to come out on top. So bring out some soft drinks to accompany your snacks and have a great time.

“I Have Never” Game

The game starts with everyone sitting in their own space on a sofa, loveseat, or chair. One person stands in the middle and proclaims, “I never have…” and proceeds to say something he’s never done (gone skinny dipping in the ocean, eaten squid, fished in a pond, etc.). Everyone who has done that thing has to get up and scramble for a new seat before the person standing steals their spot. The one left standing is the new “I have never” guy.


This hide and seek game has a twist. One person hides and everyone else scatters in an attempt to find him. Once you find the hider, you join him in his hiding space. The idea is to get as many people squished into the hiding space as possible, leaving one lone searcher on his own trying to figure out where everyone else has gone. Add a twist to the game by having hiders move to a new hiding place during the search without being spotted and ratted out.


This game requires two small whiteboards, markers, Pictionary cards and two teams of players. Everyone gets a turn at drawing. Each Pictionary card has options of what to draw. You have one minute to draw your object while your team screams out guesses of what it could be. If no one guesses correctly, the other team can guess. Points are given to correct answers. The team with the most points wins.


This acting game is as old as time and never grows out of style. You can act out people, animals, things, movie titles, famous sayings and the list goes on.

By staying sober, you can keep game night simple, fun and enjoyable for all. For fun-loving gifts dedicated to those recovering from alcohol addiction, visit my12stepstore.com.

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