6 Popular Songs About Addiction & Recovery

Learning to live a new life after addiction and recovery can be challenging, but it doesn’t need to be bleak or depressing. By immersing yourself in positive experiences and focusing on everything you have to gain from sobriety and being clean, you can experience life with joy. One excellent way to keep yourself focused on staying clean and sober is to listen to uplifting songs. Some research confirms that listening to uplifting music for 2 weeks can significantly improve your level of happiness and create an elevated mood.  Give these six uplifting songs about the positive benefits of kicking your addictions a try as part of your plan to overcome negative thoughts or feelings.

“Gravity”  by a Perfect Circle

This song focuses on the power of choice to live a good life and find happiness once again. It speaks of being healed and lifted back up to the light (sun) and leaving the darkness and dreariness of addiction behind. Listening to Gravity can help you keep a vision of a bright future in mind.

 “I Surrender” by Hillsong

This song emphasizes the beauty and peace that can be found in surrendering to God or a higher power and trusting that healing will soon follow. The soothing music and uplifting lyrics are powerful and can help you stay on track and realize the life you have only dreamed of. If you struggle with the concept of surrendering to a higher power, or simply want to reinforce your commitment, this song is for you.

 “It Ain’t Me” by Kygo

“It Ain’t Me” can also represent your battle with addiction, but the focus here is making the decision to leave it behind and go on with your life. This uplifting tune is sure to have you feeling energetic and positive and ready to conquer your addictions.

 “Sober” by Pink

“Sober” focuses on getting tired of the life of addiction and giving it up for good, but that’s not all. It also focuses on how good it feels to leave the old life behind. This song is upbeat and powerful and makes a great addition to your choice of songs to help you find more joy in your new life.

“Recovery” by James Arthur

This song speaks on the pain and struggles of dealing with addiction, but ultimately reminds you that you have the  power to make positive choices that will lead you through your recovery.

“How Could You Leave Us?” by NF

This song may not leave you feeling uplifted, but it is an important reminder of how your addiction can affect your loved ones if you do not leave it behind. If you are feeling like what you do doesn’t matter, listening to this song may help you gain some perspective in how important your decisions are to those who love you.

Listening to music that empowers you and gives you hope will help many you work their way through recovery. Other helpful techniques include reading inspirational books. reducing stress and learning to relax, or participating in healthy hobbies you find enjoyable.  “RELAX God’s in Charge”. Don’t forget to check out the many resources available in our store to help you with your recovery.

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