5 Tips for a Sober Summer: Staying Sober at Summer Events

Summer months are filled with pool-side parties beach gatherings and backyard BBQs. But how can you enjoy these social occasions while also avoiding drugs and alcohol? Follow these tips for a fun and sober summer.

1. Don’t Focus on Drinking-Centered Events

There are plenty of things to do in the summer, such as outdoor activities like hiking. Try to find healthy activities that don’t have a lot of drinking involved, such as family-friendly activities. Places like music festival or other outdoor events tend to have an excessive amount of drinking and may not be the healthiest location.

2. Consider Ordering “Mocktails”

There are many refreshing and delicious drinks, such as watermelon-based summer cocktails, that can be made without alcohol at all. This will help alleviate the feeling that you’re missing something. You can research how to make your own non-alcoholic drinks and host your own summer parties.¬†You can also visit our Mocktail blog https://blog.my12stepstore.com/3-summer-mocktails-for-memorial-day/

3. Reach Out to Friends and Family

Let your support group and the people who care about you know if you’re struggling and have a “buddy” at an event that you can talk to if you feel yourself being tempted. If you have a sponsor, check in with them from time to time over the summer to discuss how you’re feeling, and whether there are any issues that are bothering you.

4. Don’t Go Too Hard

While the summer does have a lot of events, you don’t need to go to all of them! Take time to rest and re-center yourself. You’re most vulnerable when you’re worn down and tired. Choose the events that matter to you the most, and don’t let your “fear of missing out” make it so that you start to overbook.

5. Learn Your Own Triggers

Are there places you go to that make you feel like you need a drink? Are there certain people that you used to drink with? Avoiding your triggers during the summer is a good way to lessen their power over you. Keeping a journal can be a good way to be mindful of these potential triggers, as they aren’t always obvious.

Everyone can use a little support from time to time. If you need some more tips on how to stay sober for the summer, check out My 12 Step Store.

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