Happy Joyous and Free


—Phillip Aleman, Los Angeles CA

In 1935, two men met to talk about their drinking and gave birth to a wonderful program.

That Fateful day 80 years ago in Akron, Ohio, AA co-founder, Bill W., could have gone into a bar, but instead, he reached out to try and help another alcoholic. That’s when he met Dr. Bob. That decision led to the recovery of millions of alcoholics, which continues to this day. This is why we celebrate.

Today over 80 years later we asked Philip what its like to be celebrating another year in his sobriety.

“Before I got sober, the light in my soul was dim. I felt lonely, afraid and ashamed. I would try to get sober on my own and would end up drinking and using again. I eventually asked for help and was introduced to a variety of tools to help me live a sober life. Asking for help was the most courageous thing I could have done. It helped save my life.

Today, I have repaired and deepened my relationships with my family and friends by being accountable and showing up. They trust me and love me unconditionally. Things in life that used to baffle me, no longer do.  I’ve learned that drugs and alcohol are no longer a solution for when I am in fear or feel inadequate. I have a sober network and community I can go to when I need to. Most days, I feel happy, joyous and free as I always try to find the gratitude and love in the simplest things. Life is in session and I am proud to show up for it. The light in my soul I once lost is shining as bright as ever!”

—Phillip Aleman, sober since October 10, 2011.

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