Heroin: A Dangerous, Deadly and Addictive Drug


No matter what type you’re using and how you’re using it, heroin is a dangerous and deadly drug due to its effect on the brain and the opiate receptors that are located on your brain’s neurons. Withdrawal symptoms can be frightening and painful, but do fade away after a period of weeks. Cravings, unfortunately, can last for years after your recovery efforts and treatment begin.

Methods of Ingestion

Regardless of how heroin enters your body, there are certain risks associated with heroin addiction.

Many feel that smoking heroin through a pipe is one of the “safest” methods because it can allow the most control over how the product is ingested. When mixed with water or other liquids, heroin can be smoked with opiate pipes or through other methods. Interestingly enough, this may be the way most beginners get started with heroin as it doesn’t carry the same stigma that injection drug use carries.

What appeals to many people about injecting heroin is that when it goes straight into your veins, you experience a very quick and intense rush.

Inhaling, or snorting, powdered heroin is rising in popularity again due to the concerns of younger people around sharing needles. However, powdered heroin can be cut with other products such as a powdered milk or even rat poison, causing significant decay to nasal passages as well as the negative effects of the drug itself.

Types of Heroin

There are many varieties of heroin, all of which can be dangerous and cut with deadly products, making it nearly impossible for anyone to know what is truly being taken into their body. Some of the main types that you’ll find are:

  • Black heroin
  • White heroin
  • Brown heroin
  • Tar heroin

No matter how long you have been suffering from heroin addiction, there is a treatment available that can help your recovery efforts. Understanding the dangers of heroin use is the first step in a decision to get clean, and My12StepStore.com supports your efforts by offering a variety of options such as 12 Step chips and medallions.

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