Making a New Year’s Resolution Plan for Success

The new year is right around the corner, and people everywhere will be making resolutions for changes they want to make in their lives or things they want to accomplish in 2020. While not everyone makes resolutions, and of those that do, many don’t keep them, they can be remarkably effective if you plan things right. Follow these tips to develop your New Year’s resolutions and help them stick. 

Choose a Meaningful Goal

You’ll have a better chance of sticking to your resolution if it truly means something to you. For example, getting in shape to have more energy to play with your kids is a much stronger choice than simply vowing to lose weight. Similarly, working towards a promotion in your job because you want to challenge yourself and earn recognition in your industry is a more personal goal than just wanting the promotion to earn more money. When your resolution is true to your values, you’ll find it easier to maintain your motivation as the year progresses.

Make Your Goals Measurable

When it comes to setting a resolution, be specific so that you can track your progress. Going back to the examples from the previous section, you might set a resolution to work up to being able to run a mile without stopping to walk or commit to going for a walk three days each week. In your career, you might take on an extra project or schedule monthly check-ins with your boss to demonstrate your ongoing development and growth.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up over Setbacks

More than half of New Year’s resolutions fail, but yours doesn’t have to. If you only make it out for two walks in a week or don’t get promoted as quickly as you would have liked, don’t take it as a sign of failure. Instead, use it as motivation to get back on track the following week. Life doesn’t always go according to plan, but that doesn’t mean that you should let it completely derail your progress.

Make a Sober Resolution

If you are resolving to beat your addiction to drugs or alcohol, you are certainly not alone. Getting sober is a common New Year’s resolution. At My 12 Step Store, we can help with a variety of books and other tools to help you achieve your sober goals.

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