Finding Work After Recovery

Finding Work After Recovery

Finding work after recovery can be very difficult. But don’t worry: it’s possible. Work after recovery is complex especially if you have a criminal record. You may need to work with your rehab support system, but once you do start finding work, it will become easier. 

Approach Friends and Family

Most jobs are found through networking. Your friends and family members are more likely to understand your recovery journey, are more knowledgeable about addiction awareness, and trust you. Unfortunately, employers do still discriminate based on criminal records. If you have a past, you will find it more difficult.

Start Small

If you have an employment gap, many may be wary to hire you. Don’t worry. Start small with entry-level positions and part-time positions, even if they are below your experience. It’s better than being unemployed; it will give you a stepping stone. Finding a lower ranking position isn’t just easier, it’s also healthier for you. There’s no reason to build up stress early on.

Make Finding a Job Your Job

When you don’t have a job, you can devote eight hours a day to finding work. That means looking at classified listings, putting out your resume, brushing up on new skills, and going through LinkedIn. The amount of hours you put in is going to directly correlate to your success. And remember: taking care of yourself, exercising, and eating well is also part of remaining healthy.

Use Your Resources

As someone in rehab, you likely have some resources geared towards rehabilitation. Look at your local job center, connect with your sponsor, and reach out to anyone involved in the program. They may have leads for you, or there may even be positions there.

Take Some Classes

Certifications and skill-related classes can be a must, especially if you’ve been out of the workforce for a long time. If you can show that you’ve been improving on your skills and staying up-to-date, you’ll be more likely to attract an employer.

It just takes time. Finding a job is often a numbers game: you need to send out a lot of applications, perform a lot of interviews, and talk to a lot of people. Eventually, you’ll find your perfect position. Until then, check out the advice and products on My 12 Step Store.

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