How to Answer Your Families Questions About Your Addiction

How to Answer Your Families Questions About Your Addiction

There’s a reason why many addiction centers offer family counseling. Your family has been impacted by your addiction as well, and repairing those relationships may be a part of your recovery process. As you get sober, there are some questions you may need to answer.

Involve Them Openly and Honestly

Addiction involves hiding and lying. Some measure of transparency is often necessary to begin healing. It may feel invasive, and you may feel defensive. This is perfectly natural. Understand that building trust is hard work, and sometimes it may be uncomfortable.

Consider Going to Therapy

A therapist will be able to give your family the tools they need to express themselves. Often, the family of an addict has unresolved issues that they still need to deal with. If you answer their questions without professional help, the results could be alienating or explosive. In a therapeutic environment, it’s more likely to yield good results.

Understand That You Still Deserve Privacy

Even transparency has boundaries.┬áThere may be times when you need to say “that’s too personal, and I don’t want to discuss it.” There may be times when you need a break, and you need to talk to your sponsor. Learn to identify these times and stick up for yourself. Though the process of answering questions is hard, you shouldn’t put yourself under extreme duress.

Learn to Identify Unhealthy Behaviors

Often, someone becomes an addict because of their environment. If you are increasingly anxious or uncomfortable around your family, or find that they have become suffocating and controlling, it could be that they are a trigger for your addiction. Be open to the idea that you may need to limit contact with them. Discuss this with your therapist.

Be Comfortable With Saying “I Don’t Know”

Your family may have questions that you just can’t answer. “Why should we trust you again?” “I don’t know, but I hope that you can.” Some questions may be more emotional ┬áthan factual. You can answer these to your best of your ability, but some of them may not have a clear answer to give.

It’s never easy to reconnect and reassure your family, but it can be made easier by following your program and your therapy. For more information and help, check out My 12 Step Store.

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