Healthy Eating is a Key to Recovery Success

Your recovery journey is in full swing. You have kicked your addiction, but there is more to be done to keep your mind, body and spirit on the right path. Changing your eating habits may seem insignificant considering the work it has taken to free yourself of drugs and alcohol.  But, remember, keeping your body strong takes a multi-faceted approach – and staying sober requires giving every cell in your body the right mix of nutrition.

The Damage From Addiction

Abusing drugs and alcohol can take a real toll on the human body. Alcohol damages several organs including the liver, kidneys and pancreas. This can keep the body from ridding itself of toxins, while also causing an irregularity in glucose levels leading to diabetes or even malnutrition.

Opiates to create havoc in the body, most commonly affecting the intestinal tract and digestion. The damage here can cause all sorts of problems including an inability to absorb nutrients or even digest foods correctly.

In many cases, those who find themselves in the grip of addition also suffer some degree of malnutrition – even if they are overweight or obese. This can weaken internal organs even more, putting the addict at a higher risk for disease.

Finding Help in Food

Taking in the right mix of vitamins and minerals is essential to strengthening your body and attaining good health. This begins by eating a well-balanced diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of protein.

Boosting your B12 intake is especially important for those who have been addicted to alcohol and opiates in the past since these substances tend to damage the intestinal walls, which makes absorbing nutrients more difficult. Taking in more B12 helps to replenish cells and make them stronger, so they can work better.

Other vitamins and minerals that those in recovery need to take in more of include:

  • Magnesium
  • Folate
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Probiotics

Good nutrition isn’t just good for you – it is an essential part of your recovery. Learning how to give your body what it needs to thrive can’t be ignored. Proper nutrition is just one more step in your journey toward complete and permanent healing. Without it, your body will falter, and you will find yourself more susceptible to disease and even relapse.

This journey of recovery begins with abstaining from drugs and alcohol but includes learning how to take better care of your entire body, mind and spirit.  To learn more about the role good nutrition can play in your journey check out the resources found at

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