Relationships in Recovery – Tips You Should Know

Relationships can be categized into many different types and can be challenging. So, let’s talk about romantic relationships because when you are newly sober, they can be even more challenging. It is recommended that you wait at least a year after getting sober to engage in a relationship. However, you cannot always control love and when you will find someone. If you are thinking about entering a relationship or have found yourself in one while being newly sober, here are some tips you should know to help you navigate the relationship

Get In Touch With Yourself

Before you even think about entering a relationship, take some time to get in touch with yourself. As you transition from being an addict to a sober individual, you may find that who you are changes and shifts. The things that were once a priority to you may no longer be a priority and new priorities may emerge in your life. You want to learn who you are as a person now before you try to find someone else to be around or with.

Avoid Falling Too Fast and Too Soon

If you do decide to enter a relationship during your early recovery process, always take things slow. Avoid falling too fast and too soon. Many addicts replace their drug or alcohol addiction with a love addiction, which can cause a dependent relationship to form. This is not healthy and can be destructive.

Maintain Healthy Relationships Outside of Your Romantic Relationship

Those in a relationship often spend a lot of time with their romantic partner. But when you are in recovery, it is important to maintain healthy friendships and relationships with other people as well. You need an outlet in case of fights with your partner or in case you are on the verge of relapse. Always maintain a healthy relationship with friends, family and your sponsor and don’t neglect those relationships due to a love interest.

Be Upfront About Your Recovery

Lastly, be upfront about your sobriety and recovery. Do not try to hide it or lie about it. Some people may not want to get involved in the situation, for their own personal reasons, while others may be fully supportive. Let people know the truth so they can make a decision that is right for them.

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