Virgin Beverages Glamorized to Look Like Cocktails: A Good Thing or Not?

You’ve heard of them before. Mocktails are all of the rage in various establishments these days. These virgin beverages are all dressed up to look like traditional cocktails but they do not have the alcoholic component to them. Mocktails seem innocent enough, but are they a good option for you? Before you try one out, take into consideration a few key things about these beverages.

For Some People, It’s Best to Step Away

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are right now with your 12 step recovery. Should you really have one of these glamorized drinks? Addiction experts warn that these products can be a slippery slope for many people. The experts say it’s unhealthy to act like you are drinking, even if you are doing so innocently enough. For some people, these products can lead to eventual addition of a small amount of alcohol. For others, it can lead into a relapse.

A Simple Sip Is Too Much

The problem for many people comes not just from the alcohol in drinks, but also the way they make you feel. Even though mocktails have no alcohol, they can bring back memories about the way you felt drinking the real thing. Many of these drinks really look like traditional cocktails. That can create a strong sense of desire not just for the mocktail, but for traditional cocktails as well.

How to Keep Your Head Up

It’s hard to go to outdoor events or meals with friends when mocktails are present, especially if your friends say these should be fine for you. The best way for you to avoid the potential problem is simply to know your triggers. Not everyone needs to forgo these drinks for sober living. If you can avoid drinking them in the same situations and for the same pleasure sensation you had when drinking alcohol, they may be okay. For others, it is best to steer clear.

It’s important to realize that mocktails also give you a high dose of refined sugar and can give you that “high” feeling. If you are addicted to stimulants, it’s essential to avoid these drinks.

Take a deep breath and realize that these drinks, while they seem innocent enough, might not be worth their taste if they create that slippery slope you have been working hard to avoid.

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