A Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory

We usually start recovery because we want better for our lives than in the past and or our addiction has taken us to a place of incomprehensible demoralization. During the process, we may learn valuable tools required to learn how to restore ourselves from insanity, love ourselves better and make beneficial choices in the future. Part of this includes making a fearless moral inventory. 


In the program of Alcoholics Anonymous Step four is clearly listed as ” Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves”. The step is a suggestion, but really required for continued recovery.

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A Challenge We Face

Part of loving who we are includes facing the parts of ourselves that we don’t like. This involves having the courage to take a fearless moral inventory.

In the process, we begin to examine ourselves and identify ways we have hurt not only other people but ourselves. Likewise, it involves becoming honest with ourselves and our higher power.

Not remaining in denial sometimes is the number one challenge we face when attempting to perform a “fearless moral inventory.”

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What a Fearless Moral Inventory Is

Making a fearless moral inventory means that we’re not afraid to admit when we’ve done wrong. In addition, we also begin to prepare ourselves for understanding our character defects and when we’re ready to make amends to others who we’ve wronged.

We might not quite have the courage to admit it to another person at this stage. However, we at least began the healing process by admitting it to ourselves and our higher power.

Making a fearless inventory also means that we dwell less on all the wrongs others have done to us. At this stage in the 12 steps, we also begin to prioritize changing ourselves over changing another person.

Focusing on our own shortcomings may take some time. After all, it’s not a step most of us perform naturally. However, we can do this together as we continue to make sobriety our goal.

Seek out recovery with peers who have already made a fearless moral inventory. You can also gain the mentorship you need from My 12 Step Store that could give you the courage to change what you can – yourself.

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