Amazing Voices in Recovery on Mother’s Day

If only your problems would stop when you discontinue consuming drugs or alcohol, but that’s not the case. The good news is, you can find continued support based on your life experiences. It’s up to you to find what best encourages you, but some podcasts might stand out more than others. If you’re not sure to which ones you should dedicate your ear, perhaps start with these five addiction recovery podcasts categorized into three groups according to how far along you are with living sober

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Two Podcasts for Early Recovery

1. The Addicted Mind

“The addictive mind is fear: a fear to change. It’s fear. You are set in your ways.” -Kate Russel, Author of Down the Rabbit Hole

If you realize you need help but still feel stuck, The Addicted Mind could push you to decide to seek support. Featured guest star Kate Russel provides her support as she opens up during her March 5 appearance. This presentation, as well as other podcasts, including “Killer Graces” with guest star Steve Melon and Wanda Joy on this channel, demonstrate people who’ve endured childhood abuse and others who’ve felt imprisoned by their guilt and shame. You can witness what happens to them after they finally become honest with themselves.

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2. Keeping it Friel

KTLA’s Courtney Friel applies her news anchor skills to reaching far beyond the general recovery population. One episode, in particular, Advocating for the Voiceless with Diana Kean, explores the effect of a baby born addicted to drugs from the perspective of 22-year-old Kiana Dean.  She shows in the worst of situations how we can crawl out of the “victim mentality.”

Continued Support for Staying Sober

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3. Busy Being Sober

After just a few minutes of watching Elizabeth Chance in Busy Being Sober, you could call her “living proof that you can have fun sober.” She seems to have a magnetic personality that draws people into her joy, and she shows people that although living sober is hard work, it doesn’t have to be all drudgery. Being serious about your recovery doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot laugh and have fun once in a while or enjoy life.

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4. Recovery Happy Hour

So what happens after you become sober? Recovery Happy Hour can help you keep your mind off the booze or drugs during times when you perhaps used to sit at the bar. Tricia Lewis is the host, and one episode of note is her experience after four years sober.

“In 2016 I was obsessed with what I might miss out on if I quit drinking. At 4 years alcohol-free now, I wish I could go back and show her this video to explain that this — your life— is what you’re missing,” Lewis says about someone she knows.

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Motivation from Real People Interviews

5. The Bubble Hour

Hosted by 2017 Hope Award recipient Jean McCarthy, The Bubble Hour interviews a different person who reveals their personal stories. The honest talks on this show can inspire you whether you’ve been sober 24 hours or 24 years. Even at times when you feel like you cannot leave the house like most of us in 2020 during Covid-19 quarantines, these conversations can help you feel more like a part of a group even from a distance.

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