Are Wealthy Professionals Most Likely to Drink?

There is no “one type” of alcoholic. In fact, the stereotype of an alcoholic is very unlikely to be true. Studies have shown that wealthy and successful professionals may be the most likely to drink. Addiction can run in very specific circles and understanding these environments and these pressures is important.

Why Do Wealthy Professionals Drink?

Wealthy professionals are often under a significant amount of stress. Not only may they have an unsatisfactory level of work/life balance, but they may also have stressors from work and home weighing heavily upon them. Wealthy professionals may be dealing with issues related to wealth management and debt, in addition to the increasing pressure to keep up appearances. They often have demanding, time-consuming jobs and need to work long hours.

Wealthy professionals are further required to socialize in areas that include alcohol. Networking activities, seminars, and other corporate events often involve bars. Wealthy professionals may find themselves socializing and drinking more than they realize.

Finally, addiction often occurs in people who feel as though they are immune to it. It may be difficult for someone who is successful and wealthy to admit that they have lost control over a part of their life. This is perfectly normal.

How Can a Professional Remain Sober?

Professionals who want to remain sober may have a difficult road ahead of them. It can feel impossible to avoid alcohol in business settings, and it’s often necessary to be in these business settings in order to effectively network, secure investments, and forge solid business connections. Thus, professionals need to be particularly vigilant about policing their own activity.

An in-patient treatment facility is often the best solution for a professional who feels as though their lifestyle may be unhealthy and contributing to their addiction. This gives a professional time to “reboot” away from their temptations and to forge better, healthier habits. From there, professionals need to be aggressive about asserting their own boundaries, avoiding alcohol, and looking to their support system for help, especially if they are still required to be in triggering environments for the purposes of their work.

In-patient and out-patient treatment centers can both be instrumental in helping wealthy, successful individuals in conquering their alcoholism and defeating their addiction. For more information, continue to follow My 12 Step Store.

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