Being of Service to Others

Success is so much more than the money or things you accrue in life. To be truly successful in life, you need to be fulfilled. Fulfillment can be found in service to others. There’s nothing more satisfying than sharing your time and talents to help others in your community. Helping others is a great way to celebrate your recovery. Practical experience shows that nothing will so much ensure immunity from drinking as intensive work with others in recovery sharing our experience strength and hope. Here are some thoughts to consider before starting community service. 

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Use Your Gifts

Everyone has talents and skills that they have developed over the years. These skills can be used in service to others. Look for ways you can use your talents to better the lives of those who are less fortunate in your community. Every city has nonprofit organizations looking for volunteers to help with community projects. By looking around, you’re bound to find a place that could use your help.

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Consider Your Motive

Your motive for serving is very important. If you’re only giving for recognition or to feed your own ego, it’s better not to serve at all. Serving others is a sacrifice and privilege – something you do it out of love and concern for others without expecting anything in return.

Being in recovery gives you a greater understanding of others in need. Your unselfish service can also strengthen your resolve to stay sober long term, which will enable you to build a better life.

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Ways of Being of Service

There are numerous ways of serving others. Here are just a few:

  • Teach remedial reading or math to children, teens, or adults in need
  • Counsel troubled youth
  • sharing your experience by sponsoring and working with others new in recovery
  • Plant trees to replenish a park or sign up for community cleanup programs
  • Organize a drive to collect food or clothing to donate to a homeless shelter
  • Volunteer to drive seniors to the doctor, grocery store, or pharmacy
  • Prepare and distribute home-cooked holiday meals for needy families
  • Host special events for sick children in hospitals
  • Serve meals at a soup kitchen
  • Work with Habitat for Humanity to help build or improve homes for others

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Lift Others Up

Another way to serve is to be an encouragement to others. You can lift others up by being a positive influence in their life. Through love and encouragement, you can help others overcome difficulties in their life and dispel doubts and fears that are keeping them from reaching their full potential.

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