Can You Be Addicted to Your Phone?

What did you do just a few years ago, before you had a smartphone? You use your phone to make calls, yes, but now, you use it to text, email, IM, calculate, scan, play games, Google information, and more. Let’s explore whether you could be addicted to your smartphone and what you can do about it. 

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Are You Addicted to Your Phone?

“Nomophobia” is a colloquial term that means ‘fear of being separated from your phone.’ It’s not a medical term, but it is a real condition. There is more than one way you can be addicted to your smartphone: virtual relationships, information surfing, video gaming, cybersex, watching other videos, and compulsions, like gambling.

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If you struggle with addiction, seeking treatment is a powerful, positive first step toward eventual recovery. But gaining an understanding of the causes of addiction—such as feelings of helplessness or loss of control—is also crucial for recovery.

What Are the Signs of Addiction?

Here are a few relatively sure signs of smartphone addiction:

  • Your phone usage affects your job or schoolwork.
  • You have had car accidents or close calls caused by using your phone.

You have trouble getting chores or other necessary tasks done because of your phone usage.

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What Can You Do to Win the Battle With Addiction?

Here are a few ways to battle smartphone addiction:

  • Charge in Only One Place- Don’t charge your phone beside the bed, and certainly don’t allow your kids to do it. Have one big charging station in the family room.
  • Create a Great Lock Screen- Put a message on your lock screen that says, “You must be addicted” or “Really?!” This will make you think before picking up your phone.
  • Limit Check-Ins- Start only checking your phone every 30 minutes. Pick day or night to leave it alone unless it rings otherwise. The other half of the time, set a usage limit, like maybe 15 or 30 minutes.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy- This therapy provides you with ways to alter your perceptions and stop compulsive behaviors.
  • Group Therapy- There are anonymous support groups for almost anything: gambling addiction, cybersex addiction — the list goes on.

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As long as you stay alert and watch for addiction tendencies, so you can recognize it, you can steer clear of other addictions in the same way you do the addiction that led you to a 12-step program. If you’re looking for helpful resources, you can visit

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