Creating a Life You Can Love

What’s holding you back? In the past you may have blamed your addiction on keeping you an arm’s length from accomplishing your dreams.  But now that you are in recovery, that excuse is gone. It is time to figure out how to create the kind of life that excites and motivates you. It’s time to love your life!

What Drives You?

Fear can be crippling. If you allow it, it can strip you of your ability to move forward after addition and grab ahold of the life you deserve. Considered “the greatest human curse” fear can stop even the strongest among us from getting what we want. When we allow the fear to take hold, we take away our ability to even try. Is fear standing in your way? Don’t let it. Remember, you have faced your addiction, stood your ground and won the battle. Fear has nothing on you. It is time to take those first steps toward happiness.

Dare to Dream

Life may have beaten you down in the past, but you are experiencing sober living now and you are free to dream, so make those dreams big!  Without dreams you will find yourself stuck in today’s reality – forever. If you want more out of life you are going to have to dream for more.  Dreams are the starting point toward action. Without a dream, you have nothing to strive for.  Dreams are what we use to propel ourselves forward in the journey to building a newer and better future.  So what are your dreams? It is time to acknowledge them.

Believe That the Impossible Truly Is Possible

Your addiction presented plenty of roadblocks in your journey through life. Yet, you overcame each one and today are embracing a newer, sober existence. So why do you still allow yourself to be thwarted by negative thoughts and an unbelief that you can accomplish anything? You have already accomplished a great thing: sobriety.  Now it is time to believe in the impossible.

Have you ever had the thought, “I’d love to, but…?”  That “but” told you that you couldn’t accomplish what you wanted. Nothing more than an internal excuse, this nasty three-letter word can create a brick wall that stops you before you ever get started. The only way to get through the blockade is to change those negative thoughts into positive ones. But, how? Here are a few basic tips to get you started:

  • Dwell on the Positive- Stop giving those negative thoughts and attitudes all of the power. Think “I can” more than “I can’t.”
  • Expect Success- When you believe in your abilities and believe that you can (and will) get what you are after, an amazing thing happens – you get it! Expecting to get what you set out to achieve helps you focus on the end goal without the worry of failure.
  • Visualize the Future That You Want- When you visualize your dreams clearly, and concisely, you will attain it.
  • Keep Your Eye on the Prize- Wanting to achieve something is one thing but having the resolve and determination to get it done is another.  Without the determination to work toward your goals, you will never see your dreams materialize.
  • Ditch the Excuses- There isn’t anything that can hold you back if you are willing to do what’s necessary to succeed.

Living a Life You Love

You deserve to wake up every day to a life that is happy, fulfilling and even exciting. You have worked hard to get back on track. Keep the momentum going by learning how to take back control. Learn to think more positively and create the kind of life you have always dreamed of.  For more resources on living a sober life, check out the inspirational products at My 12 Step Store.

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