Fun with Halloween Sober Style!

Fun with Halloween Sober Style!

Is Halloween one of your favorite holidays? Do you dread the scary day because so many Halloween events feature drinking as one of the major activities? If so, don’t worry. It’s possible to have a sober Halloween and participate in the festivities without tempting yourself to drink. Here are several ways to celebrate a sober Halloween while in recovery.

Alcohol/Drug-Free Celebrations

  1. Host your own Halloween party. When you host your own bash, you can easily control the activities and plan for fun without alcohol or drugs. Here are some cool party ideas:
  • Plan a theme party or masquerade party with period costumes or animal outfits.
  • Focus on food by serving a Halloween dinner. Encourage guests to bring their favorite fall dishes.
  • Set up a mocktail bar to serve fancy non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Plan competitive party games. Festive favorites include bobbing for apples, charades, karaoke, and Pictionary.
  • Provide a theater experience. Feature several scary movies and rent a popcorn machine.
  1. Attend a 12-Step meeting. Many areas offer 12-Step meetings at practically any time of night or day, and Halloween is no exception. If you plan to go out, attend a meeting beforehand to prepare yourself to face triggers and prevent a relapse.
  2. Do something active. Visiting a haunted house, going on a hayride and getting lost in a corn maze are activities that are difficult to do while drinking, so most events don’t offer alcohol.
  3. Hand out candy. Decorate your home with spooky decorations and put up flyers or notify neighbors that your home is the place to visit. Serve hot cider at the door. You’ll be too busy handing out treats and seeing all the creative trick-or-treater’s costumes to think about drinking.
  4. Go see some scary movies. Many movie theaters offer special features on Halloween. It’s likely you’ll have a theater near you showing horror movies.
  5. Take a trip out of town for the night. If you aren’t in the mood for ghosts, goblins or booze, pack an overnight bag and head for a nice hotel for the evening. Call room service and finish that book you keep putting off.

Dealing With Temptation

If none of those activities appeal to your Halloween spirit, or you feel obligated to attend an office event or family gathering where alcohol will be featured, keep the cravings at bay with the following tips:

  • Bring a sober companion or guest. There’s strength in numbers.
  • Arrive late and leave early.
  • Avoid people in attendance that you previously drank with.
  • Let your sober support people know what your evening will include and what plans you have in place to prevent a relapse. Make sure they will be available if you need to call.

The my12stepstore team is here for you! We’re your one-stop sober living resource. Let us help you face difficult holidays with tools to support your sobriety.

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