How To Celebrate Women’s Equality Day While in Recovery

Just like any other special occasion, you might be wondering how to celebrate Women’s Equality Day, which commemorates the passing of the 19th Amendment. Just because you are now sober, that doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate one of the most significant equal rights movements in history.

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A Brief History of Women’s Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day celebrates the time when U.S. Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby signed documents pertaining to the adoption of legislation that forbid denying the right to vote based on gender. This event took place on August 26th, 1920. This was eight days after the last of 36 states ratified the 19th Amendment, officially becoming a part of the United States Constitution.

Fighting for women’s voting rights alone took nearly 100 years to manifest, which is considered one of the most significant accomplishments in women’s history. This new freedom pushed forward a movement that continues to this day.

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Reasons to Observe Women’s Equality Day

If you so choose, you have two primary reasons to observe Women’s Equality Day. First, it honors milestones achieved since the women’s suffrage movement began centuries ago. Freedoms once deemed impossible came true for all female genders. The second reason to acknowledge this date in history is to use it to set freedom goals hopefully attainable by future generations of women.

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How to Celebrate Equality Day

You could host a party with music and dance that is indicative of the era during which the 19th Amendment was passed. If you’re not sure what took place then, do a bit of research before you plan. You could also include activities such as “pin the vote on the ballot box” that would even be appropriate for children. Maybe you could also have a movie night that includes some historical fiction or documentaries.

Celebrating Women’s Equality Day doesn’t have to be a one-day event, however. You can mentor women of all ages year-round. Some of the encouragement you give might include inspiring them on their own recovery journeys using material from the My 12 Step Store.

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