How to Find Friends in Recovery

How to Find Friends in Recovery

As anyone in recovery knows, getting to the point where sobriety is your “new norm” requires a great deal of effort. Once an individual has reached that point, maintaining sobriety becomes his or her primary focus. Finding friends who are also sober is important, as it allows people in recovery to create and benefit from interpersonal connections while also supporting their primary goals. Figuring out how to find like-minded friends, however, can sometimes be something of a challenge.

Taking the Group Approach

One of the most common ways of finding like-minded people is to search out groups that support a sober lifestyle. Going to 12 step meetings and sharing about yourself is one of the best ways for others to know about you. Going to fellowship with others after meetings is also a great way to find others with similar interest as yours. For many; NA, CA, CMA, and AA meetings are a great place to start. There are few places that offer a more diverse mix of people who have embraced sobriety, are seeking sobriety, or are in the beginnings of a return to sober living.

There typically is a range of different meeting types to choose from. People living in or near a major metropolitan area can even take part in meetings in nearby areas, giving them a greater range of social groups from which to find new friendship.

In addition to recovery programs, there are also numerous support groups that offer an environment in which to meet others who have chosen a path of sobriety. Your options will be defined by one’s geographical area, but it is well worth the time and effort to give these groups a try.

Making Use of Technology

Technology has changed the way that many in the world live, work and play. We are now able to access information, share our opinions and communicate with individuals across town or across the globe, all from our laptops or phones. These advancements have changed the way that people maintain their sobriety, as well.

There are apps that help people locate meetings and support groups, and others that send motivational messages to help support a clean and healthy lifestyle. It should come as no surprise that there is also, at least, one dating app that can help connect sober singles who are looking for love.

Known by the name Sober, this app gives users a place to post their profile and search for others who share a commitment to sobriety. Many users appreciate the fact that having this important choice made clear up front can make dating easier. There is no need to struggle with when to disclose that sobriety is a central focus in one’s life, and also no need to ask probing questions to find out if one’s date is similarly inclined.

No dating app is perfect, and Sober users may still have to sit through a series of awkward first dates. At least they can do so with people who share a common goal, and who might become new friends if a romantic connection is not there.

Becoming sober is a cause for celebration, and maintaining one’s sobriety is a path that can lead to an improved outlook on life and a more enriching daily experience of the world. Finding friends with whom to share these experiences is important, and the team at My 12 Step Store hopes that these tips will make it easier to get out there and make new connections.

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