My Sober Summer is Almost Over… What’s next?

Summer is almost over and that means that your resolve may soon be tested. Summer is one of the best times to get sober, as you’re often away from the environments that previously stressed you out. But when you go back to school or just back to a regular schedule and head into the holidays, it can become more difficult. Planning out a program, making a fall schedule or having a course of action for yourself can really set you up to win. Here are some tips for welcoming the end of the summer.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Sober living is often a lifestyle. If you want to stay in recovery, you need supportive friends around. Socialize with those who are supportive of your recovery. You don’t have to be open with your addiction if you don’t want to; just let them know that you aren’t interested in liquor or other substances. If they pressure you, then they aren’t the right environment for you. Remember the company you keep says a lot about you, because your friends have a major influence on how you feel, think, and behave.

Keep Up a Positive Mental Attitude

Anything you do to improve your health requires a positive mental attitude. Take some time to be mindful of your moods, even if it means keeping a journal, which can be very helpful. When you start to see yourself going downhill, think about what’s causing it. Is there an additional stressor in your life? Is there something that you can do to take control of it now? Seeing our patterns means that we can do something to influence them. A regular 12 step meeting plan is always a good idea especially in the early stages and years of your recovery journey.

Get Involved and Active

The more active you are, the less time you’re going to have to dwell on other things. Take up a sport, join a volunteer or fundraiser group, or get politically involved if you can handle it. Think about the things that you love doing — the things that are easier for you to do when you’re healthy and sober. You’ll be taking care of yourself both physically and mentally, and you’ll be giving yourself another reason to remain healthy.

Take Advantage of Your System

If you’re going back to college, you should be aware that your college has systems to help you. Therapy appointments can be scheduled, and sober living groups can be joined. Ask your academic counselor what support they have available — you may be surprised to find out how in-depth their programs are.

By staying active, you can turn your sober summer into a sober lifetime. You’ve already accomplished a lot — you just need to keep going. For more information, continue to follow My 12 Step Store.

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