Tips for Staying Sober in College

Tips for Staying Sober in College

When you’re recovering from addiction, going to college can present certain challenges. Some college kids engage in drinking on a regular basis, but you can continue working toward sober living as a student. Keep the following tips in mind so that you can stay sober in college. 

Look for a Sober Roommate

If you will be staying in a dorm on campus or living in an apartment off campus, look for a roommate who is also committed to staying sober. Being around a roommate who drinks or uses drugs, especially on a regular basis, increases your risk of a relapse. Living with a roommate who is also sober provides you with someone who is understanding and living life, on a sober journey like you and who can offer you support.

Find Support Groups

Check for support groups at your college that focus on helping students who are going through addiction recovery. These groups can provide you with valuable resources, as well as emotional support and motivation. With the help of a support group, you can meet other students who are facing similar struggles while also learning more ways to stay sober in school.

Find Friends with Shared Interests

College offers you a chance to be social, especially when you’re living on campus or nearby at an off-campus apartment. Make friends with fellow students who share the same interests as you, such as a certain hobby. Avoid hanging out with students who spend their time going to parties and drinking or using drugs, since this can lead to a setback during your recovery.

Follow Healthy Habits

No matter how busy you are studying, it’s important to take care of yourself. Establishing and sticking to healthy habits makes you less likely to turn to drugs or alcohol and boosts your physical and emotional well-being. Eat healthy meals, get exercise on a regular basis and make sure that you’re getting enough sleep each night. Caring for yourself can make it easier for you to deal with the challenges of going to college while practicing sober living.

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