New Year’s Resolutions for People in Recovery

New Year's Resolutions for People in Recovery

The New Year is just around the corner, which means it is time to set your New Year’s resolutions. Making resolutions is difficult for almost anyone, including those who are in recovery. One of the biggest problems many people face when making resolutions is sticking to them, in fact, many people struggle even starting a resolution. When it comes to setting a goal for the New Year, a common mistake many people make is planning too far ahead and making hard to achieve goals. In reality, goals and resolutions should be made in the same manner those in recovery set goals…one day at a time. Here are some positive and exciting New Year’s resolutions that are ideal not only for those in recovery but for almost anyone.

Get Control of Your Stress

Instead of letting your stress control you, it’s time to take control of your stress. Sobriety is often difficult in itself, but when life gets in the way, it can make it difficult for someone in recovery to fight the stress. Whether your stress is caused by work, school or a traffic jam, there are ways to overcome it. Remember, living a happy, sober life means learning how to deal with stress, so make it your resolution to take control. Whether you find solace through mediation, yoga 12-step meetings or support groups, make it a goal to include these stress reducers in your life at least one extra time each week in the New Year.

Eat Healthier

Eating healthy is essential for healthy, sober living. Along with getting moderate exercise, the foods you eat can help you have a healthy mind and body. Unfortunately, many people with addictions neglected their health before their recovery, but the good news is you can change unhealthy eating. Make it a goal to eliminate one unhealthy snack from your diet each month, while adding one or two healthier food items. For example, if you eat chocolate bars on a daily basis, gradually eliminate them from your diet by only eating chocolate bars every other day, then twice a week, then once a week until you have completely eliminated them from your diet. Be sure you include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of water in your new eating plan.

Taking time for you is critical to maintaining your sobriety. Make it a goal to remind yourself how far you have come. Do this by writing in a journal, meditating or doing an activity you enjoy, such as biking, swimming or hiking. Make a resolution to do at least one activity you enjoy each week.

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