Sober is the New Black: Reasons Why Fewer Millennials Are Drinking

Recent studies have shown that fewer millennials are drinking compared to other generations. Instead, millennials are focused on other activities that do not involve alcohol or drinking. If you are in recovery or committed to sober living, this means that instead of being one of the rare people who doesn’t drink, you may now be a part of the larger crowd who doesn’t drink. Here are a few of the key reasons why this generation has fewer drinkers than others and why sober may be the new black. 

Health Concerns With Drinking Are Well-Known

One of the reasons why fewer millennials are drinking is because they are more health conscious than any other generation has been. They are into eating healthy and remaining healthy. And the health concerns and impact that alcohol has on the body, particularly the liver, are well documented. As such, many millennials avoid the alcohol to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Alcohol is Expensive

Another reason why fewer millennials are drinking is because alcohol is expensive. If you go to a bar, club or restaurant and order a specialty drink, you can easily pay anywhere up to $20 for that one drink. Millennials have less disposable income than other age groups, as they are just getting started in life. As such, many are on budgets and may not have the money for alcohol.

There Are Many Safety Concerns that Go Along With Drinking

In the past, if you got drunk, one of the worst things that could happen to you is you acted a fool and then woke up with a massive hangover the next morning. These days, if you are unaware of your surroundings, someone can slip something in your drink or you could do something stupid that ends up on social media and haunts you for years. Too much can go wrong when drinking, so more millennials are avoiding it.

Millennials Have Seen the Effects of Addiction

The last reason fewer millennials are drinking is because many millennials have seen the effect that addiction can have on people, either with family or friends. So many avoid drinking so they themselves do not become addicted or put their family through that turmoil.

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