What We Love About My 12 Step Store (And You Should Too)

Celebrating National Recovery Month!

Celebrating National Recovery Month!

In honor of National Recovery Month, we thought it worth noting all the people, places and things that have helped us in our recovery. Whether it’s a dog, a sponsor, the thousands of meetings we have to choose from or simply buttered popcorn and Law and Order SVU (preferably together), After Partiers know they have a lot to be grateful for. And one of those things that belongs front and center on our list is the little sober shop of awesomeness that is My 12 Step Store.

Just For Us

Right in the heart of Boys Town, USA (aka West Hollywood, California), surrounded by rowdy bars and all the debauchery that comes with them, sits a quaint boutique just for us—people in recovery. Equipped with anything and everything a sober person could want—from The Big Book to bling medallions—this little shop packs a big crunch (like seriously, have you tried their HALT Granola? Delish!!)

We have frequented My 12 Step Store on countless occasions to fill all of our “Oh sh*t, it’s (insert BFF’s name here)’s sober birthday and she asked me to give her a cake tomorrow!” needs. Editor-in-Chief Anna David even hosted a party there. And we have scored amazing mugs, t-shirts, books, key chains, greeting cards and other unique soberiffic trinkets that could only be appreciated by our brood. Seriously, where else are you going to snag a “What Happens in Rehab Stays in Rehab” tee?

Boutique with a Heart of Gold

But there is actually a lot more to My 12 Step Store than just neat gifts. RJ Holguin, who opened the WeHo boutique 13 years ago, is sober himself and is adamant about only hiring people who are also in recovery. This allows him to have salespeople who are not only knowledgeable about the products but understand addiction as well. Holguin also feel strongly about supporting the local sober community (call it a living AMENDmints)

“I’ve hired most of my employees when they are six months to a year sober so oftentimes, it’s their first sober job,” Holguin says. “While this can be an exciting step for newcomers, it also comes with a lot of challenges that most of us experienced in our first year in recovery.”

Still, this has worked out well as many of Holguin’s former employees are not only still sober but have gone on to become therapists, chefs, journalists, business owners and mangers—some have even earned PhDs. In short, My 12 Step Store isn’t only there to sell recovery literature and gifts but also in the “business,” says Holguin, “of offering hope” (and RESENTmints!)


On the Boulevard or the World Wide Web

As most of us know firsthand, a major part of staying sane and happy in sobriety is helping others—whether that’s through sponsoring another alcoholic or addict, taking a call from a friend in need or helping a customer find the perfect gift for someone in recovery. That is why My 12 Step Store is a much-needed entity, reaching far beyond its clever gifts. However, clever gifts they have a plenty! And its comprehensive and user-friendly website expands its reach to grateful customers all over the world.

So this month, we say join us in celebrating National Recovery Month by gifting a cherished friend, someone you may have had a falling out with or a sponsor or sponsee with a “Make Love Not Meth” t-shirt or a “Grateful I’m Not Dead” magnet or even just a simple Steven Tyler “One Day at a Time” postcard to let them know how much you value them in your life. In our book, nothing could get you over a resentment like giving someone some RESENTmints.

Article by: After Party Magazine, Danielle Stewart

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