Being Addicted to Success

When you’re taking steps toward leading a sober life, or recovery from any negative addiction, having an addiction to success can work in your favor. Although addictions are often thought of as a negative thing, being driven to succeed can help you achieve your goals in recovery. The key is to balance your ambition with self-care and quality time with others. 

Signs of an Addiction to Success

How do you know if you’re addicted to reaching your goals? Healthy characteristics of ambition include being willing to keep working toward your goals, even when things get tough, and having a vision in mind of what you want to accomplish. When you’re eager to succeed, you’re more likely to stay motivated and achieve your goals rather than becoming discouraged and giving up. When it comes to addiction recovery, this strive for success can help you avoid relapse and improve your chance of adopting a recovery lifestyle. You might also be addicted to success if you find that you have trouble focusing on other tasks or relaxing. While this can provide you with energy to concentrate on your goals, it’s important to make sure you do have time to unwind from time to time and relieve stress.

Making Ambition Work for You

If you’re driven toward accomplishing what you set out to do, keep in mind that you need to remain in balance and control instead of letting your ambition take control over you.

Even though you might be busy moving toward your goals, take breaks and make sure you find time to spend with those you care about. Achieving your goals while neglecting others can help you reach them faster, but it does more harm than good to your relationships in the long run. You also need to make time for yourself, so that you can reflect on how you’re doing and where you’re headed. You need to ensure that you have time to relax each day as well, or you could end up putting too much stress on yourself. Relaxing gives you time to focus on doing something you really enjoy while also providing you with an opportunity to ease stress.

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