Do You Have to Have an Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor?

Do You Have to Have an Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor?

If you are looking to lead a sober life, you may have read the Alcoholics Anonymous book and may be looking to follow everything in the book. One of the questions that frequently comes up is whether you must have an AA sponsor. This is not specifically addressed in the book. Here is some more information about this. The AA program like other 12-step programs do not require you have a sponsor. However, many people do because they have found it to be a great support, especially  in early recovery.

If You Should Have a Sponsor

If you are completing a 12-step program, you do not have to have a sponsor. However, a sponsor is strongly recommended. A sponsor is someone else who is further along in the recovery process and has maintained their sobriety and now wants to help others do the same. There are many people who go through the program without a sponsor. If you decide to be one of these individuals, it is strongly recommended that you have a strong support system in place and individuals you can lean on and talk to if needed. Whether you have a sponsor or not if your considering to a sponsor yourself this book by Hazelden has valuable information.

The Benefits of a Sponsor

While you are not required to have a sponsor, it is strongly recommended you do. There are many benefits to having a sponsor. First, your sponsor has been where you are and knows exactly what you are feeling and thinking. They can be a strong support system for you if you are feeling down or need someone to talk to. Secondly, your sponsor knows the ins and outs of the 12-step program. They can help guide you through the program, increasing your chances of getting sober and staying sober. If you are committed to living a sober life, having someone who has been where you are can help you to achieve this goal, which is why it is recommended you obtain a sponsor.

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