Finding Love and Tolerance in Our Recovery

Nearly everyone thinks they understand what love and tolerance mean.  Both terms can mean a variety or things when used in everyday conversation, but the meaning is very specific when it comes to addiction recovery. Let’s explore what both love and tolerance really mean and how you can put them into action during your recovery.

What is Love?

Many people think of love as that head-over-heels feeling your experience when you fall in love. Others see it as the feeling you have for family or God. But love is both of these and more. Love is showing a deep value for and a desire for what is best for another individual. It is not self-serving and it doesn’t depend on your feelings. Real love is unconditional and is not dependent on your own personal desires.

What is Tolerance?

Many think of tolerance as the ability to survive something painful or harmful, or as the act of tolerating something they do not like or agree with. The truth is tolerance is not “putting up with” something you don’t like or tolerating the fact that others may have views that differ from yours. In addiction recovery, tolerance is the act of appreciating and respecting the differing viewpoints other people can bring to your life. It is accepting that you do not have all the answers and that you need the wisdom and perspective or others to help you through recovery. In addiction recovery, tolerance is a positive attribute to strive for.

How Do You Learn Love and Tolerance?

The first step to learning to practice love and tolerance in your life and relationships is to become self-aware and admit your inner thoughts and fears. It means letting go of all dishonesty, selfishness and the desire to control those you love.  There are many paths to self-awareness and cultivating love and tolerance in your relationships and life. Try these suggestions to further your self-growth as your work through your addiction recovery.

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